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20th May 2005

Before using the Website you should read this Privacy Policy.


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We aim only to collect the minimum information about you in order to be able to communicate with you effectively.

"What information do you collect about me?"

We only collect information that you volunteer through web forms that you fill out and e-mail correspondence

"Do you share information with anyone else?"

We only share information that you send with our direct agents and where this is necessary to fulfil a service to you ( or if, in the extreme, we are required to disclose such information as may be required by the laws of England and Wales.

"What if I don't want to you to share information?"

If you object to our stated use of information, please contact us

Website Cookies

We may from time to time use cookies to store information locally on your computer to improve the interaction on our website. Where this is the case, we will provide an indication of this on the web page.

International transfer of personal data

The Internet, being an international medium, is spread across many countries. As such, personal information may be processed or transferred in other countries to the one in which you are using the site.

Company information

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